Styling/Costume Design - Videoclip, Rita Redshoes

Create sailing characters: Sewing accessories and fashion styling for musician Rita Redshoes and dancer.

First single taken from the 2010 CD "Lights & Darks" by Rita Redshoes

Direction: Filipe Cunha Monteiro
DOP: Ricardo Magalhães
Dancer: Angel Rojas
Steady Cam: Paulo Jorge Antunes 
Steady Cam assistant: Pedro Brito
Stylist: Ema Mendes
Make-Up: Sónia Pessoa
Hairstyle: Mimi Mira
Editing: Filipe Cunha Monteiro, Rita Redshoes
Post Production:

Production: Vachier & Associados, Lda
Assistance of Production: Hugo Guerreiro, Natália Fernandes, Inês Paes, José Costa, Marta Iola, Cristiana Luciano
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